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Pascal Blanché - www.ubisoft.com - is an Art Director at Ubisoft Canada based in Montreal. His most recent game project was ‘Myst IV: Revelation’, the fourth in the cult adventure game series. Pascal started on the path towards a career in art/design for games at the Art School of Luminy, Marseille. Following art school, he freelanced for TILT magazine, an early video games magazine and then worked in modeling, concept art, texturing, lighting and animation for various French gaming companies.
Benoit Girard - www.digitaldimension.com - is the founder and President of Digital Dimension and has over 53 motion pictures to his credits. He is a a four-time Emmy Award Winner, a two-time Visual Effects Society Award Winner, an expert in Business Process Management and production pipelines, was a featured success story in Microsoft Executive Circle Magazine, and his recent movie credits include: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Blade Trinity, The Last Samurai, and Final Destination II.
Peter Moxom - www.autodesk.com - is the Industry Manager for Animation, Autodesk Media & Entertainment Asia Pacific. He worked as an instructor teaching animation for seven years prior to joining Autodesk and now works as a conduit between customers and the technical, sales and marketing organizations for Autodesk. He remains a passionate advocate for keeping the Teapot Button in 3ds max for many years to come.
Susannah Skerl - www.aiv.aii.edu - is active as IGDA Vancouver Chapter Coordinator and full time instructor at Ai - The Art Institute Vancouver, in Project Management and Student Portfolio classes. Susannah Has worked in the game industry since 1996, with credits as a developer and on the publishing side including multiple triple-A titles for studios such as Electronic Arts, Barking Dog (now Rockstar Vancouver), Microids Canada (now Ubisoft), Strategy First and Paris-based Wanadoo Edition.
Robert Stava - www.arup.com - is the Creative Director for Arup’s 3D Media Group based in New York. After studying fine arts at Buffalo State College in New York, Stava spent several years working in the art department of prominent advertising agency Young and Rubicam and later as an Art Director with J. Walter Thompson designing campaigns and multimedia presentations. Stava joined Arup in 2002 to rebuild the visualization department and form the 3D Media Group.
Marcin Wasko - www.platige.com - was born in 1979 in Bialystok, Poland. He is a 3D graphic designer and animator who presently works for Platige Image, a post-production house in Warsaw. His debut animated film Undo won Grand Prix and Special Prize by the public at DigiTechMedia workshop and also came first at Animago 2003 Film Festival. Recently working on TV commercials, and occasionally as a 3D artist in productions such as Tomek Baginski's Fallen Art.
Michael Flynn ­ was born in Wimbledon, United Kingdom and grew up in Wagga Wagga, Australia. After years of toil at various facilities studying science, fashion design and pattern-making, fine arts and finally architecture he found a niche as a designer and 3D modeler. Currently he lives in Phuket instigating a virtual 3D office, which allows people to work anywhere anytime. Michael also setup the P2P training sessions for multimedia gurus at QUT in Brisbane.
Vincent Brisebois - www.autodesk.com - studied both Architecture and Computer Engineering in college and university. He then moved to do 2D/3D production work for many years while teaching 3ds Max in Montreal. He was hired by Discreet in 1998 as Technical Support Specialist and Trainer for Lightscape and has been an Applications Specialist for 3ds Max since 2002. In the past few years he has worked on projects ranging from video games and engineering to film and broadcast.
Maurice Conti - Autodesk’s Creative Director, is responsible for the look and feel of the Autodesk brand as it’s seen around the world. Before coming to Autodesk 4-1/2 years ago, Conti was Managing Director at frog design, inc., where he worked on shaping products and brands for global companies, including Microsoft, Acura, Motorola, SAP, Lufthansa, and Alfa Romeo. At Autodesk, Conti is extremely passionate about celebrating the innovative and incredibly creative work achieved with Autodesk software.

  "It's an extraordinary honor to be a judge on the submissions committee for this book. Our wish is to showcase the world's most stunning Autodesk-created artwork." Maurice Conti, Creative Director, Autodesk, Inc