• It is recommended this DVD is bought inconjunction with the book 'ESSENCE: The Face'

•The shader tools are screen shaders only. There are no equivalent renderable shaders provided. As the HLSL (High Level Shader Language) does not support the ‘Save Texture Pane to File’ functions, baked textures can only be preserved by screen capture.

These shader tools are a beta demonstration and are provided “as is” with no guarantees.

• The book and the DVD may be shipped separately.

We recommend a recent model graphics card with 512MB or more graphics memory

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Buy the book and DVD and save $32.

Purchase an extensive collection of the digital assets used in ESSENCE: The Face as your next step to creating amazing face models.

Complementing the book we have developed a DVD including a comprehensive set of models, textures, photographs, software and tools that will allow you to immediately develop your skills based on the techniques outlined in the book. It is recommended ESSENCE: The Face be purchased to accompany the DVD.

The DVD includes:
Monika Models in 0.5K, 2K and 9K resolutions
2K base head meshes for Monika and a generic human
A set of nine morph targets (.obj) for varying age, sex, and ethnicity.
A file containing the Monika head model with the Poor Man's SSS skin shader network described in Paul Fedor's "Under The Skin" chapter.
Two UV maps highly optimized for the entire head offering high-quality renders for detailed texture.
Ultra-high-resolution (4K) baked textures as developed in the book.
A comprehensive set of ultra-high-resolution (4K) photographs divided into no-makeup and makeup sets as shot by 3D.SK
DirectX shader tool set as demonstrated in the book including Photo merge direct shader tools presented as a 3ds Max file for demonstration purposes and able to be configured to any 3D application supporting DirectX shaders.
Demonstration versions of:
FaceGen from Singular Inversions.
Shader FX from Lumonix.
FX Composer from NVIDIA.

Character Modeling 2 Limited Edition

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