EXPOSÉ 12 Call For Entries

Be part of the must-have digital art annual

Deadline: Midnight, August 29th, 2016

New improved entry method!

Entering images for EXPOSE is, and will always be, free. Now it's easy to enter your images using the CGPortfolio upload system. 

Simply go to your CGSociety Portfolio account, or open a new one. It's free and easy.

CGPortfolio makes it easy to manage your Ballistic and competition entries and you get immediate visibility to Industry leaders, game and film studios.

Upload your new images

Your image can be any size you want, but if it's not big enough to print then it won't get selected. Many images don't get printed full page. If you want your images to be considered for full page entries, and for the awards, then these are the minimum sizes:

For a single page: (297mm x 220mm) 3579px x 2669px.
For a full 2 page spread : (297mm x 440mm) 3579 x 5268px

Upload images as maximum quality JPG images.

get started

Images in your CGPortfolio can be easily submitted to EXPOSÉ 12

Simply select the option to submit to EXPOSÉ 12.

Ballistic Publishing

Since 2003 Ballistic Publishing has published over 50 digital art books. The books have featured the work of thousands of artists. EXPOSÉ, in particular, has defined the new digital art industry and  given it status as a legitimate artistic form.
Ballistic books have also become one of the primary ways studios find new talent and artists find new jobs. The  books have had an astounding global impact  on both artists and the industry.
After EXPOSÉ 11 Ballistic sold the CGSociety division and we took a break to re-organize. Now Ballistic is launching the next phase of growth with EXPOSÉ 12.  We are going back to our roots -- we started with crowd funded campaigns before the term crowd funding was invented. From now on all our products will be campaign based with exclusive on-line pre-sales.This will lower prices by raising efficiency and scale. There will be even greater exposure and benefits for everyone involved. We will move faster and put all our resources back into innovating and new products.


EXPOSÉ is the first and premiere showcase for digital art and artists. Every year EXPOSÉ  features the best digital art in the know universe. Since it launched in 2003 EXPOSÉ  has been a sensation -- a continuing global phenomenon, receiving critical acclaim from all quarters of the digital art industry.

EXPOSÉ will expand to encompass an exciting range of products that throughout the year will showcase you, your art, your techniques, your inspirations and your experiences.  EXPOSÉ will also celebrate the influences and the impact of the digital arts. But always, at the center, EXPOSÉ will celebrate extraordinary digital art and artists.

So have a global impact and be part of the excitement.

Don't delay -- get your entries in for EXPOSÉ 12.



In addition to an exciting list of new judges we will also invite a selection of previous judges back again. Here are just some of the previous judges. As the campaign progresses we will add the new judges to the returning judges.

Awards & Categories

The images are grouped into categories for presentation and awards. One Master artist and one or more Excellence awards are given in each category.
Some categories are always included. The rarer categories vary depending on the number of entries we get each year.
When you enter your image we ask you to pick a category -- we may change the category during the selection process -- so don't worry about getting your category wrong. You won't miss out!
Here is a partial list of the more regular categories. There is a full list available in your CGPortfolio.

Grand Master

Each year EXPOSÉ honors a Grand Master Artist. This is someone who has had a significant global impact on today's digital artists and the global appreciation of artistic component of our culture.

Portrait Painted

Portrait Illustrated

Portrait Rendered

Warriors & Conflict

Science Fiction



Fantasy Femmes

Concept Art


Matte Painting


Architecture Exterior

Architecture Interior


Game Art

Digital Plein Air

Abstract & Design






Design - Pop Art


How to Submit Artwork for Consideration

It's free to enter as many images as you want. Image entry is done in the CGPortfolio interface. After uploading your images you can select to enter the images for EXPOSÉ 12.

You will have to use your real name and provide a valid postal address to be able to submit images for EXPOSÉ. We need this information so we can send you a book if your image is selected. 

Prepare your images -- the best quality and as large as you can.
Go to your CGSociety Portfolio, or register if you don't already have one.
Upload your images.
Make sure your account has a real name and postal address.
Make sure you have selected categories for your images.
Submit your images for entry in EXPOSÉ 12.

Image Size

Your image can be any size you want, but if it's not big enough to print then it won't get selected. Many images don't get printed full page. If you want your images to be considered for full page entries, -- and for the awards, then these are the minimum sizes:

For a single page: (297mm x 220mm) 3579px x 2669px.
For a full 2 page spread : (297mm x 440mm) 3579 x 5268px

Upload images as maximum quality JPG images -- RGB only.

Your images can be a little bit larger than these dimensions if you want.
You will need to upload your image as a JPEG file. Uncompressed images will be too large to upload.

These are given as guidelines. To be safe, render images that are larger than these specified. DO NOT up-sample your images to achieve higher resolution. If you cannot reach the desired full-page resolution, just send in what you have.


Images must be your own work. If your image was created for someone else (like your employer) then you need to make sure you have their permission to enter it. We suggest you get permission in writing if you don't own the copyright any more. You don't need to provide us with a copy of any permissions, but we do ask that you warrant that the image is yours or that you have obtained permission to enter it.


All entries must be accompanied by your real name, your country of residence, a description of the image, and the software used. Details are on the entry form. This information is included in the books: the software we use and the makers of the software deserve a credit in the book.

Image  Format

You will need to upload your image as an RGB JPEG file. Make sure to use the highest quality setting -- the least compression. Uncompressed images will be too large to upload.

We used to require uncompressed images. JPEG quality has improved and there is no perceptible loss if you use the highest quality settings.

Deadline for Entries

Midnight, August 29th, 2016  -- wherever you are in the world.
DON'T wait for the last minute to upload your images. There is always a rush on the last weekend and upload speeds may be slow if you leave it too late.
Selection starts immediately after entries close.

What if you do get in?

We'll inform you by email if your work has been accepted for publication before printing. We will ask you to confirm your information: your correct name, image details and postal address if you get in. You will need to respond quickly or you may miss out.


Is entry free?

Entry is completely free and you can enter as many images as you want.

Do I have to make a new image? -- or can I send an image I have already done?

We prefer you enter new images, or at least images that have not been published anywhere else.
A guideline is that you should have created the image in the past year.

What's the definition of digital art?

It's digital if you send it to us in a digital form. It's all about the artistic merit, not how you made the image. It is OK to send a digitally enhanced photograph or scan of a natural media painting. Whatever the method used we will judge the image on its artistic merit.

What is art?

Art is something that makes a connection with the viewer (or participant) and has an emotional reaction. If there is no emotional impact then it's not art.

How do I make my art better?

Make a greater emotional impact. It's as simple as that. If people are moved to great emotion by your image then it's a success and you and your work will be remembered as making an artistic statement.

There are a lot of things you can do to make the emotional impact of your images better. You need to think about the story behind the image. Think about the audience and how they will relate to your story and image. Once you know what the story and emotional connection you want is, you have to do everything to enhance that. Make sure everything supports your message -- composition, lighting, colors, setting, etc.

My image is very dark - will it print OK?

No, it won't. Some images don't get selected because they are very dark, or rely on a lot of very dark detail. These sorts of images don't reproduce well so are unlikely to be selected unless they are absolutely astounding.

What sort of images have the best chance of being published?

Images with great emotional impact and story. If your image is dynamic, full of story and packs emotional impact then it's probably great art. You have a winning image if people look at an image and out loud say things like "wow", "its so cute", "hilarious", "awesome". You may have good art if people say "eww", "yuk", "oh! that's horrible"... but consider that people enjoy experiencing positive emotions a lot more than negative emotions.
Everyone remembers being a child. Most of us remember laughing, having fun and the relationships with family. Images about family and relationships are familiar to everyone, these things are timeless and universal. It gets harder when your images portray less familiar things, or things that rely on specific knowledge and events.

How do artists benefit from being part of a Ballistic product?

Ballistic Publishing is all about you, the artist and the images you make. Lots of previous winners have told us that getting into EXPOSÉ is a highlight of their career -- we love to hear about this! Getting in the book is also the best exposure you can get for potential employers. We have lots of testimonials and feedback from featured artists -- take a look at the gallery of Artists with their books from around the world.

Many working artists never get personal recognition for the great work they do for their employers. EXPOSÉ has seen a lot of images from artists working on major game and film projects. We have also done books for major game studios -- after everything is done they often cherish the books most. A book is always available, it's interactive without ever crashing, it's solid, it smells good, it has a lot in it, it is long lasting and impressive - these are just some of the reasons people love our books.

We also hear regularly from leading film and game studios that use EXPOSÉ to find new artists to hire.

We have tracked the number of artists being featured in Ballistic books for the first time. Between one third and one half of entries come from new artists. Artist promotion also extends beyond publication of the book, with feature articles on many artists appearing on the CGSociety site. Many artists also go on to  other Ballistic books where they are a major author or even a single author.

Best of all, artists who get in become part of a global family of new published artists. For many modern artists this is the only way to become recognized as a real, published, artist.

Do artists get paid?

No, not for collections like  EXPOSÉ. It's very expensive to print high quality books. It costs a lot for judging, design, editing, printing, packaging, shipping - and that all before final sale and postage of books to customers!  We have committed to always be free for everyone to enter -- Ballistic takes all the risk and cost up front. So for books like EXPOSÉ with lots of authors, it's simply not possible to pay entrants and keep the book at a reasonable price.

If your image gets into EXPOSÉ we will send you a free book -- you will need to cover shipping, but the book is free.

Yes, we do pay when there are less than about 10 authors for a single book. If you have a book project of your own or with a group of friends then talk to us. We are always looking for new projects. We will work with authors and editors to put together world class products that get published under the Ballistic imprint. With the next phase of growth there is a lot of potential to make a good part, or all, of your living from creating and publishing books and other products with Ballistic.

So, if I get in the book what do I get?

Artists accepted into EXPOSÉ 12 get a free copy of the book when it is published. They can also order a copy of the Limited Artist's Edition (leather bound) collectors book at a heavily discounted price. We do ask that artists pay the shipping cost. It adds up to a lot to ship out 300+ books and we can't afford to do that for free.

Can I send you a CD with all my images on it?

No. Please use the online submission system.

I'm having trouble submitting artwork, who should I contact?

Email info@ballisticpublishing.com