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In its fourth year, EXPOSÉ 4 celebrates the talents of artists worldwide, featuring 317 artworks from 241 artists in 49 countries, selected from over 5,000 submissions. EXPOSÉ 4 sets the benchmark for digital arts demonstrating their very best work of both new and established artists.
"Expose 4 is an undisputable must for everybody who loves illustration and art" - Art Scene International December 2006

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1. Xiao-chen Fu China Summoner
2. J.S Rossbach Hrolf Kraki
3. Marta Dahlig His only friend
4. DAMNFX Godzillasuchus
5. Linda Bergkvist Glimpse of Summer
5. Stephan Martiniere City in Winter (client: Tor Books)

7. Daniel Dociu Urban Canal (client: Guild Wars)
8. Monsit Jangariyawong Love and assassination
9. Jason Chan Junk Angel
10. Aleksi Briclot Qin 3 (client: Le 7éme Cercle)
11. Skan Srisuwan The conductor
12. Shane Roberts Venetsia

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Soa Lee
Kornel Ravadits
Stephan Martiniere
Daniel Dociu
Phillip Straub
Julian Johnson-Mortimer
Glen Angus
Tim Borgmann
Neil Eskuri
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