For the serious art connoisseur, EXOTIQUE 2 is available in an exclusive collector’s Special Edition featuring a black leather-bound cover with gold embossing. These collector’s editions are exquisite and timeless. EXOTIQUE 2 Special Edition includes an exclusive set of four Limited Edition prints, celebrating the stunning character artwork emerging from the digital arts community.

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Free bonus prints with Special Editions*
*A set of four bonus prints are yours free when you purchase EXOTIQUE 2 Special Edition. Each print is 220x297mm and finished to the highest quality standard.

1. Steven Stahlberg Sarah Morrison (client: NCSoft)
2. W.M. Nelson Fishhook Girl

3. J.S Rossbach Razor Vixen (client: Wizkids)
4. Benita Winckler Io (client: ImagineFX magazine)

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