The ELEMENTAL series, created in partnership with Autodesk Inc, showcases the world’s best art created with Autodesk 3D visualization and animation software. ELEMENTAL 3 continues this partnership and expands the breadth of the series across more genres and with greater focus on architectural visualization and design (product and automotive).

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ELEMENTAL 3 prints
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The bonus prints also come with the first 200 Hard Cover editions..
Each print is 220x297mm and finished to the highest quality standard.

1. Andy Park, SCEA, God of War 2: Kratos vs. Barbarian King. ‘God of War 2’ © Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
2. Choe Byung-hee Gun and Sword

3.Daniel Simon Cosmic Motors: Icetrain (Series 3)
4. Marcelo Eder Homage to Sidonio Porto

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