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PAINTER - The World's Finest Painter Art
PAINTER™ showcases the world's finest digital artwork using Corel's® natural media painting program, Painter. PAINTER exhibits 209 works by 135 artists across diverse categories such as Portraits, Concept Art, Fantasy, Editorial Illustration and Abstract art. The PAINTER Awards are selected by an industry renowned panel of Painter artists. PAINTER is presented in a high quality volume consisting of 192 pages and is available in a leather-bound Special Edition and Soft Cover.

Free bonus prints with Special Editions*
*A set of four bonus prints are yours free when you purchase Painter Special Edition. Each print is 220x297mm and finished to the highest quality standard.

1. Marta Dahlig The seven deadly sins: Lust
2. Torsten Wolber Market
3. Joerg Warda, Waiting
4. Anry Nemo Beatrice



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