Ballistic Publishing offers special bulk deals on books that offer great savings all around. These bulk deals are perfect for:
  • Collectors wanting to own our collection of books.
  • Studios combining orders from artists.
  • Groups and clubs ordering for their members.
  • Gifts for valued clients.
Bulk Discount Structure
2 Books: 10%
3-4 Books: 15%
5+ Books: 20%

Bulk Rates are available for all in-stock titles excluding Special/Limited Editions. Shipments must be sent to one location only. Separate shipments will constitute separate orders.

How it works
You can place your order via the Ballistic Publishing online store, and the discount will automatically be applied. Simply add the books that you wish to order to your cart to see the effects of the discount being applied!
If you own a physical shop and wish to become a reseller of Ballistic Publishing books, you are eligible for even greater wholesale discounts. More >>

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