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Adelaide, South Australia – 15th May 2008

Ballistic Publishing announces the third of its ULTIMATE, 16-megapixel, royalty-free photographic collections to meet the growing demand for ultra-high-quality image assets for game and film creators - ULTIMATE: HEROIC MALE.

Developed in conjunction with the renowned human reference resource company, 3D.SK, the dual-DVD sets are packed full of the highest quality photographic reference available. The DVDs are suitable for film and game development, life drawing, texture reference, or any other pursuit that requires images of the highest quality. The series will include location, texture, and human reference photographs. All shots are provided in high-resolution RAW formats, offering artists a comprehensive set of ultra-high-quality assets.

The ULTIMATE DVD photographic sets are ideal for digital artists who are creating high-resolution texture maps and matte paintings for film or next-gen game productions. The series will offer multi-gigabyte collections not available online from with the convenience of DVD delivery.

The third title in the ULTIMATE Series features our male model Zbyněk Ceradský, photographed by acclaimed photographer Peter Levius. The set features clothed and semi-clothed photographs shot at all angles. The theme is Heroic poses and each of the hi-res reference photos are delivered in RAW format.

In this dual set an additional 200 images have been provided, making over 500 photographs available. The reference shots have been captured under optimal studio conditions with the best professional equipment available. The selection of shots offer the best in eye, face, hand and texture detail with modeling reference which can be used freely for any personal or commercial projects. The 500 images on dual-DVD are categorized by keyword, tagged and searchable by an easy-to-use browser interface.

Created in conjunction with 3D.SK, The Ultimate DVD series delivers the world's highest quality photo reference for digital artists.

Publication Details:

* DVD Title: ULTIMATE: Heroic Male
* ISBN: 978-1-921002-58-8
* $75.00 USD
* Dual-DVD set
* Over 500 high-resolution photos
* Royalty-free
* Exceptional 16-megapixel resolution
* RAW versions of every image
* Easy-to-use navigation with keywords and simple browser interface
* Included is UFRaw, a utility that reads and manipulates RAW images

Zbyněk Ceradský attended his first bodybuilding competition in 1993 and has won first place in a number of bodybuilding competitions such as Grand Prix ESKAP 2006, AMINOSTAR CUP 2006 and the Prague Cup 2007. He now runs a small fitness centre in Breznica, in the Czech Republic.

The Ultimate DVD series will expand to cover character, environment, and texture reference.
If you buy any two of our Ultimate DVD's you will receive 10% Discount and if you buy the entire set of three and you can get up to $35.00 off.

Praise for Ultimate: Klara Medkova
“The Ultimate Resource – High quality DVD packed with image assets for artists...Ballistic Publishing is a name synonymous with quality in the digital art world and the company has taken its first foray into the image resource world. Artists can now purchase its Klara Medkova Ultimate DVD Set – a dual-DVD that boasts 300 high quality photos of character reference images.”
Corel Painter – Official Magazine

About The CGSociety and Ballistic Media
Ballistic media operates two major divisions - The CGSociety and Ballistic Publishing. The CGSociety is the world's largest society of professional digital artists and provider of forums, portfolios, training, job and event services for the digital arts industry. Ballistic Publishing is the leading, award-winning, independent publisher of books for the digital arts industry. Dedicated to publications of the highest quality celebrating the talents of digital artists worldwide, Ballistic has set the benchmark as a quality boutique publisher. Ballistic Media is based in Adelaide, South Australia, with offices in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) and Tampa (Florida, USA).

About 3D.SK is the world's leading provider of royalty-free reference photographs. The range, number, and quality of human reference photographs 3D.SK sell is unsurpassed. This unique resource is invaluable for creation of digital assets for film, broadcast and game production.

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