Expose 8
Finest Digital Art in the known universe
Adelaide, South Australia - 1st July 2010

Ballistic Publishing is proud to announce the greatest collection of digital art ever collected with EXPOSÉ 8. The latest book in the groundbreaking series celebrates the Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe, including substantial new categories for Game Art and Comic/Manga Art. With more art, more artists, more pages, and more award winners, EXPOSÉ 8 showcases the world's best digital artists and their inspirational art.

Almostt 6,300 entries were received for EXPOSÉ 8 which convinced the Ballistic team to create the biggest EXPOSÉ book ever. At 240 pages for the Hardcover/Softcover Editions and 256 pages for the Limited Edition, EXPOSÉ 8 becomes the biggest and best book in the series. From the huge number of images entered, 393 were featured in EXPOSÉ 8 coming from 283 artistsin 52 countries, and in the tradition of the EXPOSÉ series, a substantial number of the featured artists (over one third) were published for the first time in EXPOSÉ 8.

EXPOSÉ 8 showcases the world's best digital art in the categories of: Game Art; Comic/Manga; Portrait (Painted & Rendered); Fantasy; Fantasy Femmes; Architecture (Exterior & Interior); Concept Art; Environment; Futurescapes; Matte Painting; Science Fiction; Robotic/Cyborg; Abstract & Design; Product Design & Still Life; Warriors & Conflict; Whimsical; Surreal; Storytelling; and Transport. Across all these categories, Ballistic Publishing is uncompromising in its pursuit of quality, and each image that appears in EXPOSÉ 8 is individually color-corrected to maintain a standard of output that no other art publisher can match.

EXPOSÉ 8 entries were judged into Master and Excellence classes by a judging panel of renowned artists including: Stephan Martiniere (concept artist and EXPOSÉ Grand Master), Lorne Lanning (Co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants), Chris Sloane (Art Director of National Geographic), Max Dennison (matte artist and founder of Matte Painting UK), Chris Stoski (matte painter and concept artist), Brom (fantasy artist), and Philip Straub (art director and concept artist).

"The momentum of the EXPOSÉ series is a constant surprise to the team, and each year brings an even bigger challenge to showcase the extraordinary talent of the EXPOSÉ artists. We were extremely excited to add two major categories to EXPOSÉ 8 with the Game Art and Comic/Manga Art. An enormous amount of great work is being created in these categories, and we wanted to celebrate the two expanding mediums," explains Daniel Wade, Publisher of Ballistic Publishing.

Pricing and Availability
EXPOSÉ 8 is available in three editions: Hardcover (USD$79); Softcover (USD$69); and Limited Edition (USD$170). More details about the books and availability can be found on the Ballistic Publishing website at: http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/books/expose/expose_8/

The EXPOSÉ 8 Limited Edition release includes an additional 16 pages of artist profiles and specially-printed full-color endpapers.

For the first time, all EXPOSÉ 8 customers will receive three specially-commissioned, free video tutorials and downloadable Photoshop brushes when they purchase their book online. A massive 90+ minutes of tutorials from some of the best EXPOSÉ 8 artists include EXPOSÉ 8 cover artist Marek Okon, EXPOSÉ 8 Limited Edition cover artist Michal Ivan, and EXPOSÉ 8 artist Arthur Haas. All three tutorials start from the very beginning of the creative process with sketches, and progress to the final painting in exquisite detail.

Publishing Information
ISBN #: (Soft Cover):978-1-921002-84-7 , (Hard Cover): 978-1-921002-82-3 , (Limited Edition): 978-1-921002-83-0  
Pages: 240 pages (Soft Cover and Hard Cover), 256 pages (Limited Edition)
Dimensions: 220 x 297mm
Editor/Publisher: Daniel Wade
Shipping: August 2010

Praise for EXPOSÉ 8
"Ultimately, a flick through [EXPOSÉ 7] or a thorough rummage will reap equal rewards, as the staggering array of imaginative, varied artwork from the best brains of fantasy and sci-fi art continue to provide both eye candy and a more substantially nourishing visual feast."
ImagineFX magazine,EXPOSÉ 7 review

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