A New Decade of the Greatest Collection of Digital Art
Adelaide, South Australia – 20 June 2013

At a glance:

  • Over 8000 images submitted
  • 587 images chosen
  • 405 artists
  • Artwork from celebrated concept artists: Shaddy Safadi, Robh Ruppel, Marek Okon and Donglu Yu
  • Top Character artists:  Tomasz Jedruszek, Te Hu, Loic Zimmerman, Dave Seeley and Daniel Scerra.
  • Game artists:  Feng Guo, Aleksi Briclot, Daniel Bystedt and Young Soo Choi.
  • Arch Viz firms like: Teague, Downtown, Neoscape, METRO and lichtecht GmbH
  • Almost 200 new artists

Ballistic Publishing is proud to announce that EXPOSÉ 11 is now available to pre-order from For over a decade, Ballistic has released this must-have, Digital Art Annual. The latest instalment of the Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe brings together a record number of inspiring works from not only the giants of the game and film industry, but also many rising stars.

Publishing last year’s tenth anniversary edition enabled us to reflect on how much the industry has matured in ten years. Technology has made huge advances, some studios have risen and others have fallen, but great digital art has always prevailed. EXPOSÉ 11, like its predecessors, is in the vanguard of documenting the best of this new era.

The eleventh EXPOSÉ continues an annual tradition of showcasing the finest, and most inspirational 2D and 3D art in the World. With artists from 65 countries represented in EXPOSÉ 11, it truly is a global publication. The artwork in EXPOSÉ will always be the defining standard for the digital arts industry worldwide. Both established and emerging artists increase the intensity of the competition for inclusion every year. They are quite simply the best of the best.

EXPOSÉ 11 showcases the world’s best digital art in 23 categories, including: Comic/Manga; Portrait (Painted & Rendered); Fantasy; Fantasy Femmes; Architecture (Exterior & Interior); Concept Art; Environment;  Matte Painting; Science Fiction; Robotic/Cyborg; Warriors & Conflict; Whimsical; Surreal; and Transport. Across all these categories, Ballistic Publishing is uncompromising in its pursuit of quality, and each image that appears in EXPOSÉ 11 is press-checked and individually color-corrected to maintain a standard of output that no other art publisher can match.

Many of EXPOSÉ’s international judges have returned this year, including: Syd Mead (‘Blade Runner’, ‘Tron’, ‘Aliens’, and ‘2010’), Chris Perna (Epic Games Art Director), Chris Sloan (award-winning Art Director from National Geographic), and Alex Morris (architectural visualization guru). They have been joined by Don Seegmiller, a Master Artist whose digital and traditional paintings have graced countless books and galleries for over 25 years. Together, the judges have selected the Master Award winners and appointed Awards of Excellence in each category. This year set another record for entries, with just over 8000 images submitted.

EXPOSÉ is the benchmark yearbook of digital art. It has dominated the digital art market for more than ten years - nothing comes close!

About The CGSociety and Ballistic Media
Ballistic Media operates two major divisions—The CGSociety and Ballistic Publishing. The CGSociety is the world’s largest society of professional digital artists and provider of forums, portfolios, training, job and event services for the digital arts industry. Ballistic Publishing is the leading, independent publisher of books for the digital arts industry. Dedicated to publications of the highest quality and celebrating the talents of digital artists worldwide, Ballistic has set the benchmark as an award-winning boutique publisher. Ballistic Media is based in Adelaide, South Australia, with offices in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) and Tampa (Florida, USA).

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