BALLISTIC PUBLISHING ANNOUNCES: ESSENCE: Creatures - THE textbook for creature design - has been released
Adelaide, South Australia 15 October 2013

Ballistic Publishing has unleashed ESSENCE: Creatures, a groundbreaking guide to creating beasts for games and film. The book has 250 pages of never-before-seen artwork by the Masters of creature design.

Ballistic - the publisher of the finest digital art books - asked eight master artists, from studios such as Sony Santa Monica and Weta Workshop, to collaborate in the creation of a series of creatures. The result is a stunning guide that shows what wonders these Masters of monster-making can create when given complete freedom. Unshackled by time and budget constraints, these are the never before seen creatures that will fuel a whole new generation of critters, brutes and fiends. ESSENCE: Creatures is the essential manual to all of those hoping to break into the film and game market.

The Authors are Bryan Wynia, Andrew Baker, Aris Kolokontes, Ian Joyner, James Van Den Bogart, Josh Herman, Martin Rezard, Simon Webber. They hold credits for many of the top film and game titles made over the past few years, such as God of War Ascension, The Adventures of Tintin, The Hobbit Trilogy, UnCharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Avengers, Iron Man 3, Harry Potter, Prometheus, Game of Thrones and Pacific Rim. ESSENCE Creatures presents a never-before-seen collection of new personal art.

Creative Essence: Creatures exposes the thoughts and decisions behind each artist’s work – what happens when they stare at a blank page; where they look for inspiration; how they incorporate reference material into their concepts; how they analyze their concepts and decide what needs refining and what needs deleting; what their process of development is; and the variety of techniques they employ to bring their concept to stunning visual resolution.

ESSENCE: Creatures is destined to be THE textbook for creature design.

About the ESSENCE series
The first book in the Creative Essence series is the best-selling Creative Essence: The Face,
which shows how six professionals created a digital model of a face from beginning to end. The Face encompasses reference photography, modeling, UV mapping, texturing and rendering to create a digital double that would be at home in any next-generation game, cinematic or movie.

Creative Essence: Creatures is the definitive book on sculpting creatures and takes the series
to another level. It features the private work of some of the best creature concept artists
and 3D modelers working in the CG industries today. The Creative Essence series provides
the perfect platform for our artists to excel at what they do best.

About The CGSociety and Ballistic Media
Ballistic Media operates two major divisions—The CGSociety and Ballistic Publishing. The CGSociety is the world’s largest society of professional digital artists and provider of forums, portfolios, training, job and event services for the digital arts industry. Ballistic Publishing is the leading, independent publisher of books for the digital arts industry. Dedicated to publications of the highest quality and celebrating the talents of digital artists worldwide, Ballistic has set the benchmark as an award-winning boutique publisher. Ballistic Media is based in Adelaide, South Australia, with offices in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) and Tampa (Florida, USA).

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